A football trip to Bodø

Combine a trip to Bodø with a football match at Aspmyra Stadion!



Ski– and adventure holiday in Narvik

Norway´s wildest ski resort in Narvik, a city of adventures!



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Explore Norway and it's exciting destinations. Either you are looking for authentic nature experiences, culture or just visiting the most renowned places - we have you covered. We will be happy to tailor your next travel to Norway.


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Reine, en perle i Lofoten. Med Reinebrigen i bakgrunnen. Foto: Morten Pettersen.
Experience summer in Lofoten

A fantastic and beautiful island that everyone should visit at least once!

Vinterfiske i Lofoten. Foto: XXLofoten.
Experience the Lofoten Fishing

The Lofoten Fishing is Norway´s wildest fishing experience and winter experience!

Ski– and adventure holiday in Narvik

Norway´s wildest ski resort in Narvik, a city of adventures!

Top 6 activities to do in Henningsvær during summer!

Henningsvær is an authentic fishing village in Lofoten with many activity options!

Popular destinations

We have collected the best experiences in Norway and will help you tailor your dream travel.


A fantastic combination of city, nature, adventures and cuisine!

Utforsk Bodø


The best Sunnmøre has to offer

Utforsk Fosnavåg
Midnattsol i Brenna. Foto: Morten Pettersen.


A natural gem that connects the inside and outside of Lofoten.

Utforsk Gimsøystraumen


The town close to the border to Sweden with lots of history and great experiences!

Utforsk Halden
Henningsvær by night. Foto: Stian Aasegg.


Historic fishing village with trendy micro-urbanity!

Utforsk Henningsvær
Vinterbilde av Midgard Vikingsenter i Horten. Foto: Midgard Vikingsenter.


A coastal gem in the Oslo Fjord

Utforsk Horten
Kveldssola over Thon Hotel Kirkenes. Foto: Thon Hotel Kirkenes.


Norway's easternmost city is full of history and adventures!

Utforsk Kirkenes
Laukvik på yttersida av Austvågøya i Lofoten. Foto: Livland Gård.


An hidden fishing village on the outside of Lofoten!

Utforsk Laukvik
Svolværgeita en vinterdag over Svolvær.


One of the world's most attractive destinations

Utforsk Lofoten


Narvik is the perfect year-round experience destination.

Utforsk Narvik


Adventures and nature from Lindesnes to North Cape

Utforsk Norway
Utsikt over Ørstafjorden. Foto: Havila Hotel Ivar Aasen.


Ørsta is a gem at the bottom of Ørstafjorden, right by the Sunnmørsalpene!

Utforsk Ørsta


Norway's most visited tourist destination

Utforsk Oslo
Reine og Reinebringen. Foto: Adventure Tailor.


The fishing village Reine in Moskenes is perhaps Lofoten's most beautiful place.

Utforsk Reine


Great experiences in fantastic nature rich in history.

Utforsk Sulitjelma


Lofoten's adventure center!

Utforsk Svolvær

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Popular activities

En av mange utstillinger på Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum. Foto: Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum.
Lofoten War Memorial Museum

On of Norway´s best war museums!


Oversiktsbilde over fiskeværet Henningsvær.
Lofoten Arctic Hotel

Two hotels in Henningsvær, the world’s most famous fishing village!


Flott stemning og god mat. Foto: Livland Gård.
Livland Farm

Livland Farm is a center for food experiences, history telling and nature experiences!


Foto: KaviarFactory

The KaviarFactory is an international recognized venue for contemporary art!


Svolværgeita en vinterdag over Svolvær.
Jumping the horns at Svolværgeita

A spectacular experience for the special interested!


Henningsvær Bryggehotell midt i havna i Henningsvær. Foto: Henningsvær Bryggehotell.
Henningsvær Bryggehotell

Hotell i havgapet i Norges mest autentiske fiskevær


Lofotfishing in Svolvær – A package deal

Participate in cod fishing during winter season in Lofoten, it´s Norways wildest adventure!


Fisketur fra Henningsvær er så nært det virkelige Lofotfisket du kommer. Foto: Henningsvær Havfiske.
Fishing trip from Henningsvær

Henningsvær have through centuries been a center for fishing in Lofoten!


Fishing trip with departure from Svolvær

Autentic fishing trip to Vestfjorden with starting point in the fishing village of Svolvær.


Arctic Train på stasjonen i Narvik. Foto: Arctic Train.
Arctic Train

Experience the «eighth wonder of the world” with the Arctic Train!