Top 6 activities to do in Henningsvær during summer!

Henningsvær is an authentic fishing village in Lofoten with many activity options!

1) Fishing trip
Henningsvær is an authentic fishing village with a long history participating in the Lofoten fishing and community building both locally and on a national level. On a fishing trip from Henningsvær you get to experience the rich local culture while fishing from one of Norway´s best fishing spots. The spawning cod (skrei) can be caught during the Lofoten fishing from January-April every year, but the fish bites year around. During summer season too.

2) Sea eagle safari on RIB
The RIBs are fast open boats perfect for experiencing nature in and around Henningsvær. The sea eagle can be spotted almost every time. In the evening you can go on a midnight sun tour on the outside of the islands. We highly recommend a RIB safari with starting point in Henningsvær.

3) Guided kayak trip
Kayak paddling is a unique way of experiencing nature. You can explore nature paddling away in complete silence. The guide will lead you to the many hidden gems around Henningsvær only accessible by kayak. You don´t need any prior knowledge or skill to join this kayak trip and it´s a great way to experience Henningsvær.

4) Meals
The food options in Henningsvær are many. It´s a combination of access to the world´s best produce and a fantastic cuisine that makes Henningsvær special. You can get amazing local sea food at high quality restaurants like Fiskekrogen and Restaurant Lofotmat. Or a fantastic food experience at Full steam, while learning some local history.

Henningsvær is a fishing village and a cultural and activity center!

5) The mountain Festvågtinden
The hike up the mountain Festvågtinden (541 meters above sea level) is an accesible way to enjoy the superb view over Henningsvær and its surrounding islands! The mountains in Lofoten are unique because they rise directly up from the ocean, giving you a fantastic view both during the hike and once on the top. It is important to bear in mind that all hiking in these mountains is associated with some risk, and you should have some fitness and be healthy before considering hiking. Unless you are an experienced mountain hiker and know the path, you should hire a guide. It is not safe to hike in the mountains after consuming alcohol.

6) Culture and arts
Henningsvær is a center for art. It has galleries, arts and crafts and a rich local history. The KaviarFactory is an internationally reknown art gallery displaying contemporary art and is visited by people from all around the world. The Galleri Lofoten is Lofoten´s version of a “national gallery” and displays regional artists like Gunnar Berg and Karl Erik Harr. The Engelskmannsbrygga is a center for many arts and handcrafts, and you should also visit the northern lights photo gallery by Vidar Lysvoll.

Henningsvær Bryggehotell is part of the Classic Norway hotel chain and is situated in the middle of the port in Henningsvær. The Lofoten Arctic Hotel have two hotels in Henningsvær and Tobiasbrygga is a gem in the middle of Vågan. Henningsvær Rorbuer and several others also offer accommodation. Reach out and we will help find the best option for you.

Read our tips concerning the many other activities available in Lofoten during summer season.


Facts and info

Destination Lofoten Henningsvær
Season Hele året
Group size På forespørsel
Price På forespørsel

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