Experience summer in Lofoten

A fantastic and beautiful group of islands that everyone should visit at least once!

Lofoten offers beautiful nature, great experiences, and delicious food. Steep mountains dropping straight into the ocean create contrasts, a landscape full of hiking opportunities and a rich animal life. High quality and fresh produce can be found both in the ocean and on land and contributes to a rich cuisine and quality restaurants scattered across the islands. In addition to the great nature and cuisine, Lofoten offers many exciting activities to enjoy while traveling throughout the islands.

Fishing trip
Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular activities in Lofoten. Fisheries have existed in Lofoten for more than 1000 years and have been a central part of Norway's nation-building. Lofoten fishing is part of the Norwegian history, and you can´t get a more authentic fishing experience.

You can participate in deep sea fishing starting many places in Lofoten. Svolvær, Henningsvær, Skrova, Laukvik, Ballstad, Reine and Værøy are popular starting points. You can choose to join a traditional fishing boat or a modern sports fishing boat. You can also go on a joint trip or charter your own boat if you want to go fishing without other guests.

The Lofoten islands have a nature perfect for experiences!

Sea eagle safari on RIB
RIBs are fast open boats and exiting to drive. The high speed makes it possible to cover great distance and see many places in a short period of time. They are easy to navigate through narrow channels and coves. The RIB drivers are experienced and capable drivers that contribute to make the speedy journey pleasant as well. Along the way you will almost certainly be able to see the sea eagle up close. One of the most popular destinations is Trollfjorden, but you can go on a joint trip with RIB starting in Svolvær, Henningsvær, Ballstad and Reine. It´s also possible to charter a boat form almost anywhere in Lofoten.

Sea kayaking
Sea kayaking will give you a close experience with nature. Sitting in a kayak, paddle in hand, you can feel the sea move underneath you. The guide will showe you hidden pearls while telling local history. We really recommend experiencing Lofoten through kayaking. You can join a scheduled trip with a guide from Svolvær, Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Ballstad and Reine.

Diversity of experiences
We recommend trying the surf course at Unstad and horseback riding at Hov, Gimsøya. At Gimsøya you will also find a golf course described by Norwegian pro golfer Suzann “Tutta” Pettersen as the world's coolest. The most spectacular experience to be had during Lofoten's summer season is to jump the horns at Svolværgeita. But it´s an activity for the specially interested.

Food experiences
Lofoten has the world´s best produce available throughout the year. The local cuisine is a culinary experience you shouldn´t miss. The high-quality restaurants and farms serving local food are great. An example is Livland Farm on the outskirts of Laukvik.

Contact us and we will tailor your Lofoten summer vacation. We can organize accommodation, logistics, meals, and activities. If you´re interested in scheduled trips, you get a 5% discount when booking two or more activities.


Facts and info

Destination Lofoten
Season Hele året
Group size På forespørsel
Price På forespørsel

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