Experience the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries

The Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries is Norway´s wildest fishing experience and winter experience!

In Lofoten you can experience Norway´s wildest winter experience; the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries. From February to April every year the cod migrates from the Barents Sea down to Lofoten to spawn. It´s the perfect time to come to Lofoten to fish.

Join a traditional fishing boat or a modern sport fishing boat to try to catch big skrei (cod). Everyone that catches a “kaffetorsk” (a “coffee cod” which is a local expression for a cod that weighs at least 30 kg) receives one kilo of coffee and a certificate from the local newspaper.

This is the best fishing experience you can have in Norway. The crew on board are experienced and know how to maximize your chances for a nice catch.

You can experience the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries through joint trips or you can charter a boat for just yourself. A winter trip to Lofoten is great both as a family outing or as team building for a company or organization. The fishing trip can be organised as a competition, and it´s possible to arrange catered food onboard.

This is the best fishing experience you can have in Norway.

The Lofoten Seaonal Fisheries is the oldest and biggest fishing event in Norway. Archeological discoveries date them back to before the Viking Age. The cod catch from this fisheries became Norway´s first big export product around 1000 AD and remained the largest through the Middle Ages until shipping grew much bigger at the end of the 18th century. Thus these fisheres are an important part of Norwegian social and economic history and worth experiencing at least once.

You can experience the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries starting in Svolvær, Kabelvåg, Henningsvær, Stamsund, Ballstad, Reine or Å.

Send a request, and we will tailor the perfect Lofoten fishing experience for you!


Facts and info

Destination Lofoten
Season Januar - april
Group size 1 - 1000
Price På forespørsel

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