Freshwater fishing in the mountain lakes

Hundreds of fishing lakes in the Junkerdal National Park

The Sulitjelma area is one of Norway´s best known hunting and fishing areas. It contains more than 400 fishing lakes and several of them is near the road. The area has many great lakes that can offer nice nature experiences.

From Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort it´s only a short distance to enter the Junkerdal National Park, with many nice fishing lakes. The locals describe the trout flesh to be unbelievably red.

In the mountain area surrounding Sulitjelma there are many nice hiking and fishing opportunities. The area offers tracks and easily accessible fishing lakes, but you can also get away from the tracks and visit more untouched nature.

August and September are generally the best months to visit the mountain, regarding both insects and catch. But late winter and early summer can both offer nice experiences. Just remember that this is an area exposed to the elements and you can easily be surprised by bad weather.

The quality of the trout in this area is exemplary. Many of the lakes are rich on scuds, which gives the fish a delicate red color and a delicious taste. The mountain fish can be hard to catch, but most of the time you´ll be able to catch enough for dinner.


Facts and info

Destination Sulitjelma
Season Hele året
Group size På forespørsel
Price På forespørsel

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