Midnight sun kayaking
in Lofoten


3 hours


On the "outer side" (north side) of Lofoten you can experience the midnight sun all night, since the open horizon to the north means that the sun does not hide behind the mountains. This is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun.

We paddle out from the north side of Austvågøya and paddle out into Gimsøystraumen. Here it is only the Norwegian Sea horizon to the north and you can see the midnight sun coming down towards the sea surface, gliding over the horizon and going up again. Without ever setting.

The northern side of Lofoten is the best place to experience the midnight sun!

When you're in the kayak, you feel as though you are sitting on top of the ocean as the midnight sun glides over. The sea stretches from under the kayak to the sun. Kayaking at night often provides extra peace and quiet on the trip. You will still encounter seabirds such as eider ducks, cormorants, gulls and perhaps even sea eagles. In addition, you may be lucky enough to encounter sea animals such as porpoises (a small whale), seals, otters and mink.

Kayaking gives a strong feeling of freedom. With your own muscle power, you move quickly and silently through nature. You get to where you want to go and there is no bay or island you cannot explore by kayak. On a guided kayak trip with us, you need no prior skill or knowledge to join.

Midnight sun means that the sun is above the horizon throughout the day and night. It can only be experienced in two places on the planet, north of the Arctic Circle and in Antarctica. In Lofoten, there is midnight sun from the end of May to the middle of July. We still arrange midnight sun kayaking from the beginning of May until September, even though it is a longer period than there is technically midnight sun, because the sun then sets, but quickly rises again.

Immediately before and after the period of midnight sun, the sun goes down into the sea, but takes a very long time to set. Since it just barely goes below the horizon. This creates long and absolutely amazing sunsets with an incredible colour spectrum. A completely unique experience.