Sea Eagle RIB Safari
to Trollfjorden


1.5 - 2 h



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1 095


RIB safari is a fantastic nature experience and a fun adventure. These fast boats are the perfect means of transport to explore the Lofoten sea ways. The RIBs give you range and a chance to experience a lot in a short period of time. The drivers are experienced seafarers who gives you a soft journey, despite the high speeds while navigating Lofoten´s islets and shears. You will get a close view of the mountains, sea spray and sea birds. With luck, you might spot a whale.

The trip starts at the docs in Svolvær. There will be some stops along the way with storytelling about the Vikings, the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries and other local history. Adjacent areas like Hølla, Storemolla, Lillemolla, Raftsundet and Trollfjorden are all packed with sea eagles. It is the biggest species of eagle in the world with a 2,5-meter wingspan. You will be able to see the sea eagle up close during the trip.

Trollfjorden is dramatic, both in topographical and historical terms!

Trollfjorden has a dramatic landscape packed with history. On the trip you will hear about the Trollfjord Battle, and the story can also be read in the book “The last of the Vikings” by Johan Bojer. The 1890 battle featured the old rowing boats clashing with the new steam boats that represented a technological shift in fishing history. The battle has given inspiration to great art in both books and paintings, but it also changed Norwegian law and led to a parliamentary resolution that secured popular fishing rights for all.

Because of their high speed the RIBs reach far and can drive other routes beyond the classic one to Trollfjorden. On the way it´s possible to visit Risvær on the outside of the island Storemolla, or the whale catcher island of Skrova. It´s possible to go west from Svolvær, passing Kabelvåg and Henningsvær, through Gimsøystraumen (a tidal current), and out to the outside, the north side, of Lofoten where you can see the sunset.

Whatever route you choose, this is a corona-safe activity where you are in an open boat through the whole trip.

Contact us and we will arrange for the perfect RIB-experience you. Weather it is a joined trip or a tailored experience with a route chosen to fit your interests.