Guided history walk
to the year 1798


A combination of a guided history walk and virtual reality makes it possible to see, hear and even smell how the harbor area in Oslo was in 1798. Adventure Tailor has been to many guided history walks both in Norway and abroad, but the one Tidvis arranges in Oslo is the most spectacular we have tried.

Travel back in time to the year 1798 in this guided history walk and virtual reality

The guide has a doctorate in history and has done research on the Oslo harbor for many years. It all started with a study of import and export by reading the customs records and has grown into an intricate study of the buildings' insurance papers to get a precise description of how they looked.

All this is digitally recreated. At the same time as walking around with the guide, you can use your smartphone to experience the same streets in 1798. You will hear stories from real events and learn how the harbor and the city have developed both in terms of business and lifestyle.

You can even experience the smell of 1798 in the smell boxes distributed around the route. The guide's knowledge about history is very impressive, but it´s the combination of history telling, digital time travel, and even smells that makes this a history walk something out of the ordinary. You don´t want to miss it!

Book your tour in the calendar to the right. Send a request if you wish another starting time.

It´s possible to book this tour as an exclusive group activity. It´s a great opportunity to learn more about Oslo.

It´s a nice activity to do as a warmup to a business seminar or before a dinner. Send a request!

To get the most out of this activity you need a fully charged smartphone and an app that can read QR-codes. The activity lasts for approximately an hour.