Lofoten beer and
local food tasting


Our local brewery, Lofotpils, is the only microbrewery in Norway that produces pilsner. Pilsner brewing requires such pure water that it is usually reserved for large industrial breweries that can afford to invest in expensive purification equipment. However, the water in Svolvær is so pure that Lofotpils can brew pilsner directly from it.

Lofotpils offers a wide range of beer recipes, several of which are brewed to complement various types of food. At our place, you will have the opportunity to taste four selected Lofotpils beers alongside four classic Lofoten flavors, each carefully matched to the respective beer profiles. Our hosts will share insights into the brewing process and the different beer styles you'll be served.

In addition to the beer, you will get to savor fenalår (cured leg of lamb), dried whale meat, homemade caviar from cod roe, and dried fish from Lofoten. This is just a tasting and not a full meal. It's a perfect prelude to dinner or the start of a night out. The bar is open before and after the beer tasting and has a full liquor license.