Discover Your
Norwegian Heritage


The first Norwegians arrived in America around year 1000, but the main emigration from Norway to America was in the period between 1860 and 1920. Today more than 4,5 million Americans with Norwegian ancistry. This is almost the same number of Norwegians that live in Norway today. Why did so many Norwegians emigrate? Come to Norway and explore the places from your family history, and learn more about why they left.

People emigrated from all over Norway for different reasons. The rules around who inherited the family farm made a lot of people "landless" and the promise of new lands in America was enticing. Others left just for the adventure and some out of general poverty.

If you know anything about where in Norway your family came from, we’ll make a tailored trip for you to the area where your family came from.

Here you will learn about the history of the area, how every day life was like for your family at the time when they emigrated to America. You will discover local traditions and food specialties and the most exciting activities you can do in modern Norway.

Where did your family come from? We'll take you there!

You can for excample go out fishing with us, and catch the traditional cod that Norwegians along the coast have lived on for centuries. Then you learn how Norwegians prepare the fish now and historically. We'll teach you how the traditional lutefisk is made (and why), and then you will get to taste it.

Come to Norway for a combination of family holiday and historic adventure travel. It will be a trip you will never forget. Send us a request, tell us your story and we will show you your history.