Fishing trip with departure
from Svolvær


If you´re in Lofoten a fishing trip should be on top of your to-do list. The Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries have gathered fishermen from all over Norway to Lofoten and Svolvær in the winter months for more than a thousand years. Lofoten has historically relied heavily on its fisheries. A fishing trip starting in Svolvær is not just sea fishing, it is also an opportunity to take part in the history of Norway.

The only way to get a more authentic fishing experience is to be a professional fisherman!

The cod fishing high season is January-April every year in what is known as the Lofoten Seasonal Fisheries. However there are good year-round fishing conditions at

Hølla, which is the area between Svolvær and the nearby island Skrova. During summer you can catch both cod, pollock, mackerel and with a bit of luck, even halibut.

The experienced skippers know exactly where to go for likelihood of good catch.

Both in summer and during the winter season it is possible to join daily fishing trips with departure from Svolvær. It is also possible to charter a boat and skipper to go on an exclusive fishing trip at a time and location of your own choosing.

We will secure the right boat to fit your needs, whatever your wishes and the size of your company. Sports fishing boats are an option for extra fun as they go faster than the traditional fishing boat, which offers you more time spent fishing, at more spots.

Traditional fishing boats give you a different experience and there is lots of room on board. On charter trips you can order a hot meal and beer, wine or soft drinks.

Chartered fishing trips can be booked from many places in Lofoten. If you want to join a scheduled trip it´s possible to do so in Henningsvær and Reine.

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